Why me?

  • Don’t you realize what is going on here? I know every family has one crazy uncle who feels like I do? Call me paranoid but if I were to rely on any of my friends or family members to inform me of what he news hasn’t I would be one you people, I don’t care if you are white black or purple, I don’t car wife you’re gay, straight, or trisexual,rich, poor,ugly or fine as wine, youre gonna die if you don’t know how to self sustain…….I probably won’t last for long either because planning is something I suck at, fortunately for u all, I tell it how it is.informing you all is what I’m Good at But I’m nobody,  So why me?   Because I have no alterior motive except for all of you to wake up out of the matrix, because I hope there are leaders among you who can and will inform others no matter how stupid it makes u look, the more preppers the better that way I won’t get robbed for mines and my family will be okay , if I am able to prepare.

 Media outlets no longer compete for exclusive interviews or seem to be all together uninterested in informing the general public of shit the media outlets choose now.


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