Sick & Tired of being quiet

You know I have had some people in my life that aren’t the nicest, but honesty isn’t something I’m willing to be quiet about. I’m not perfect no, not at all!  What I am is conscientious. I’m well aware of that some people are incapable of  handling constructive criticism. There are also some people  that should take their own advice. I will be damned if I stay quiet about the people who are flat out dirty.

My parents (my dad and step mom ) told me I was  a horrible parent because I was….But how much more horrible PFA parent are you for manipulating me into allowing you to take my son way to Alaska , allowing me to think that you adopted him , posting on Facebook etc all because you wanted me to give up hope of changing my life to raise him. ?? You have been working on fucking my world up since I’ve known you , eversince you knew  I was capable of change you have gone out of your way to throw monkey wrenches in my operation. 

I love my kids which is why I chose to stay away….Because I thought I wasn’t Good enough. Now that I know you and your wife ain’t good enough I want in my son’s life now.

I am not taking no for an answer, that train is gone already, I understand that Sacramento is not the place to raise a child, but t a broken home in the best place is even worse. I am not looking to shame either one of you, you have dishonored yourself . You have only yourselves to blame……I love you Elijah Lee , momma is coming and change is too.Shania Larkin you make me proud, I love you keep up the good work.

Miss lee


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